Modify this procedure if you're using the bit version of FL Studio, you'll need to add the bit codec instead from the VorbisACM-x64 folder. Also, deselecting "Safe Overloads" results in the Audio Driver performing at maximum efficiency now, since in Linux the Window Manager even in Wine handles that stuff.

Then, on the General Settings under Effects, select 'Don't distract me', and deselect the option for 'Ultrasmooth' and activate 'Force Refreshes' if you're using a desktop environment that uses compositing. This indicates that while the some of the issues experienced in FL Studio It is highly recommended that Wine users take advantage of this feature, from a performance standpoint. Delay and Compression effects seem to cause the most stutter of all in Patcher if you're using it , so use them sparingly.

Efficient use of effects will minimize the impact the GUI Overrun problem has upon your experience. Pressing the "Stop" button several times will force the buffers to cease whatever they are doing, and the user should wait a few seconds for the CPU use to decrease down to idle before continuing. This situation is improving with each FL Studio release, and in Plenty more to come.

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Updated FL Studio Show all bugs. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say. Application Details: Retail URL: Platinum Latest Wine Version Tested: Test Results Old test results. The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine.

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Please consider submitting a new test report. In fact, it is unnecessary to install it. Comments Post new comment The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. I installed the regkey for producer edition but it still says it's the demo, any help??? Comment Reply. Almost there Any ideas? Right now, wine 2. Otherwise… no text in the menus.

FL Studio on Mac — Virtual Machine, Wine, or Dual Boot? : FL_Studio

Actually, only Arial suffices, but that is more complicated. See this bug: FL Studio With wine 2. My only major problem is that I cannot play wav files that are PCM encoded. Vorbis wav files play fine, as do all other file formats. Only PCM audio is an issue.

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I have searched high and low but cannot find a solution to this. I am having to convert all my wav samples to ogg just to use them. Any help would be appreciated: Anyone know if this works if you buy it in a box, instead of buying online? Trial works fine on my PC, it's significantly cheaper for me to purchase it in a box.

I am considering buying Windows incase it doesn't. How do you change the wineprefix? I got a laptop with Linux from a friend of mine, and have pretty much no experience using it. I'm still getting this error when launching it in various combinations of fresh 32 and bit prefixes. Are there any. NET packages I need to install? Another solution is to make sure the Windows version is set to XP in winecfg. For some reason, it defaulted to 7 for me, and changing to XP made FL start successfully. Seriously, please look at it.


I keep the walkthrough updated on a regular basis, and pride myself on doing so. Fix for 0x0eedfade exceptions running installer by Jacob Juric on Tuesday December 13th , 4: If anyone is getting an unhandled 0x0eedfade exception in the installer after "unpacking files", try opening winecfg, and adding an override for webdll set to disable. This solved the problem for me. Fix for 0x0eedfade exceptions running installer by Jacob Juric on Tuesday December 13th , 5: However, the exception still occurs with starting FL.

I've put the log from wine in this pastebin: Fix for 0x0eedfade exceptions running installer by Nathan Graule on Tuesday December 20th , I hit that unhandled exception under 1. Not the best solution but it works. I'm working on testing FL Fix for 0x0eedfade exceptions running installer by Jacob Juric on Friday December 23rd , Neither 2.


I'm starting to think sonething's up with my system. You need check "Emulate virtual Desktop" and change the resolution. Which have you found to be the most effective? Any help appreciated Meegosh. Meegosh , Mar 22, Hessel Hessel. Hessel , Mar 22, Mar 23, Logic is really good though, and I do not approve of apple's gross misconduct regarding concern of what is usually the norm in the cost to retail price ratio aspect concern. MrWoggles , Mar 23, Yeah i actually really like Logic, but i'm not quite up to speed with it just yet.

Best way to use FL Studio on Mac?

I've found it to be great for editing audio and arrangement but as it is, FL Studio is my bread and butter for creating sounds. I kind of figured Boot Camp was the safest option, the only problem being, you can't access files between the two partitions, or is there in fact a way to do this? Thanks for the replies guys Meegosh.

Meegosh , Mar 23, Tits McGee. Tits McGee , Mar 23, Andydextruss Something. Hall Of Fame. If you violate any of these rules you will either receive a warning or a timed ban. If you're here, chances are you've heard of other similar reddits, but in case you haven't, check these out. I'm getting a new computer soon Mac, sorry, I need some Apple features. I've been using it on Wine for as long as I can remember - just run the exe and it works fine, and the plugins usually work although I never got massive to work I'm starting to feel dual booting might be the better option since everything will work cohesively on an actual OS instead of being "skinned" through wine.

What do you guys think? Honest question: Earlier this year I couldn't use it without it crashing every 30 minutes. Almost ready for release.

How did you get the plugins up and running? What is your wine config? For the life of me I can't get massive nor sylenth to run properly and I figure they're fairly important, not that I'd know because I can't use em on Mac: Make sure you got the newest versions downloaded from their official sites. I tried Sylenth1 demo and worked fine out of the box, same with Massive. One that's coded for OSX will give a much more consistent experience in general. That said if you're really hard set then dual boot. That way you can actually enjoy the best features of both operating systems instead of neither.

If alpha is big no no, i would suggest parallers desktop http: