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It can display an outline showing how your content will fit on different display devices, and it can help you predict how colors will appear on different types of devices or in print. It has a It also hits percent of Rec. The display has bit color for over a billion colors. The design is convenient for working as well.

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With a Like the other UltraSharp monitors, this one is still ready for some serious photo editing, thanks to bit color and a great percent coverage of the Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces. It also has full coverage of the Rec. The Dell UltraSharp UPK also has the handy design of the other models in this line, with tilt, swivel, and height-adjustment options. You also get USB 3. It has a inch, QHD 2, x 1, display, giving you a big work space and crisp imagery.

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This is also a bit display, for over a billion colors. Beyond the specs, the monitor has a thoughtful design that can rotate, adjust height, and even switch to portrait. You can even swap it over to a VESA mount if desired. Our writers spent 6 hours researching the most popular monitors for photo editing on the market. Before making their final recommendations, they considered 40 different monitors overall, screened options from 11 different brands and manufacturers and read over 8 user reviews both positive and negative.

All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust.

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There are just so many reasons why it's important for photographers to have the best monitor possible for viewing, organising and editing your images. Some are designed specifically for photography, while others have specs that make them suitable. If you need more information about what to look for when choosing a monitor , click to page 2. If you already know, keep reading All of these monitors went through our rigorous lab test process. Like most of the monitors in this test group, the BenQ has a inch screen with a 4K UHD native resolution of x pixels. It also has the usual bit colour depth, equivalent to more than a billion colours.

Palette Master Element calibration software comes with the monitor, to maintain optimum colour accuracy. Factory presets proved highly accurate for colour rendition, but with a very marginal green colour cast. After calibration, colour rendition proved excellent, with superb coverage of Adobe RGB gamut, only matched by the Eizo monitor.

Whereas all of the other monitors on test have a full 4K UHD native resolution, this Eizo ColorEdge sets its sights a little lower at x, resulting in a pixel count of about 3. The pixel density is also lower, at ppi rather than ppi, but image quality still looks absolutely super-sharp.

There are three downstream USB 3. Bundled software includes Quick Color Match, to enable easy colour matching between screen viewing and printed output. It also comes with ColorNavigator software for use with independent calibration hardware not supplied.

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Colour accuracy of our review sample was pretty much spot on, straight out of the box. Contrast ratio: With a slimline design and slender crescent-shaped silver base, the LG 27UDW makes everything else on test look comparatively clunky.

In our tests, the monitor scored very highly for colour accuracy in sRGB mode, gaining virtually nothing from a custom calibration. Detail in very dark lowlights tends to be slightly disappointing. Touch-sensitive virtual control buttons are on the lower and right-hand bezel edges.

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