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When you copy and paste an image into your document, Word makes certain assumptions about how to deal with it. One of these assumptions is that you want the pasted image to be a BMP format, which is a large file type, or sometimes PNG, which is still quite large.

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When you edit an image in Word, it stores all of your image edits as part of the document. The means if you crop an image in your document, Word still retains the full original image. Change an image to black and white , and Word still retains the original full-color image. But better than removing unnecessary data from your document is not having that unnecessary data in your document in the first place. Any edits you can make, even simple ones like cropping or adding an arrow, are best done in an image editor before you insert the image into the document.

So why would you want to waste space in your file by embedding the fonts? How to Set the Default Font in Word. We recently showed you how to embed or link an Excel spreadsheet in a Word document and you can do this with other files, like PowerPoint presentations or Visio diagrams, as well.

Of course, there are drawbacks to linking as well as benefits, so be sure to read that article to understand them before you do this.

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Back in the day, Word let you store a thumbnail image of the document so that Windows could show you a preview in File Explorer. In our KB test document, turning this option on increased the file size to KB. This action reduced our test file size by 7 KB, so not a tremendous amount.

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Of course, all of these versions add to the size of your file, so if you turn off AutoRecover, your file will be smaller. As you work on a document, Word saves various things in the background to help you. If you find yourself subject to this kind of document size creep, you can create a new document and then copy everything over to it. Start by creating a new blank document.

This copies all your text, sections, formatting, page layout options, page numbering—everything you need. Bear in mind doing this will copy over any editing data in your images, so you might want to remove that from the original document first before copying everything over to your new document. You can still remove it from your new document.

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We highly recommend trying the tips from the previous section first, and then giving these a go if you need to. The jury is out on whether this makes a difference to file size. Neither did having it turned off change how quickly the document saved. In short: Our conversion test showed almost identical results to using RTF.

This means you can open it with one of those tools and see all of the contents. Cloud processing Won't use your computer's resources, for local compression try offline compression software. Watched Folders Watch specified folders and automatically compress any new files as they are added Learn more.

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