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Most dictionaries and phrasebooks let you look up English words, and some also let you look up Thai words using Thai script.


But Paiboon's revolutionary three-way design bridges the gap for English speakers by introducing a third method where you can look up Thai words that you hear by their sound, using an easy-to-read, English-like Thai Sound pronunciation guide: Yes you will. Our dictionary comes with highly readable Thai fonts and allows you to set the font size as big as you want. You don't need any extra software to display Thai Script or even to search for Thai words. We provide a handy on-screen keyboard to help you type Thai words by their sound, or you can use your favorite third-party keyboard.

If you don't read Thai script, our dictionary is still just as useful! Every time a Thai word appears, it's written in Thai Script , but also in an easy-to-use, English-like Thai Sound pronunciation guide, so you can read and sound out Thai words without needing to read Thai script.

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Our dictionary is equally useful to casual travelers who don't read Thai and serious students who do, because every time a Thai word appears, it is written both in Thai Script and in an easy-to-use, English-like Thai Sound pronunciation guide. So you can read and sound out Thai words without needing to read Thai script. When you purchase our app and download it from the app store, you have everything you need right on your device. All the dictionary entries and sounds are built-in, so you can look up words and play all the high-quality sound recordings of each Thai word without being connected to the internet or incurring any data charges.

Works on a plane or on the train. Only the dictation feature requires internet access, and only on some platforms: Does the dictionary talk? You can tap on any Thai word, phrase, or complete sentence in the dictionary to hear a high-quality sound recording of a native Thai speaker.

Tap the buttons to hear some sample sounds: Can I speak to the dictionary? When online, you or your Thai friend can speak English or Thai words right into the app to search the dictionary see dictation requirements. Currently, for translating sentences or paragraphs from Thai to English or English to Thai, the only tool available is Google Translate, but as many people have noticed, it's really not so good. The output is so full of errors that it is often impossible to understand, or easy to misunderstand.

Translation of complete sentences is a very difficult problem because the computer has to understand the text in order to choose the right translation e. Other language pairs, such as English-Spanish Google Translate, work much better than English-Thai because in those more closely related languages, multiple meanings tend to be shared across the two languages more often. So Google Translate's guesses are correct a much greater percentage of the time. Having said that, we are thinking of implementing a feature where you can paste a bunch of text, or perhaps specify a website URL, and our app will find and show all the words in your text that are in our dictionary, with an easy way to see the definitions.

Contact us if this interests you. You can find a detailed explanation of all app features on our overview page. Our product manual, which includes both detailed instructions on using every app feature and a comprehensive guide to speaking and understanding Thai , is built into the program. It's even interactive, with icons you can tap to hear sounds. If you have a specific feature question, you can contact us and ask.

All these questions are answered on our Thai phrasebook and dictionary app product comparison page.

Thai Keyboard - แป้นพิมพ์ไทย

For all the important details on requirements, see the requirements page. Because our app includes almost 30 hours of high-quality sound recordings, we require about megabytes MB, or 0. For more details, see our requirements page.

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Does this work on iOS? Does this work on Android? Does this work on Windows? Will this run on my Mac? We do not plan to develop a Mac version of this dictionary app at this time. See our overview page for more info on the Windows product. If you are interested, send us mail at windowsphone word-in-the-hand. Tapping the badge on your device takes you to our app in Apple's App Store.

Your device will need to be connected to the internet during purchase and download. For example, you could install from your home, an internet cafe, a restaurant, a coffee shop, or any other location that offers Wi-Fi. If you want to tell a friend about our app or install the app when you are not reading this FAQ, simply search the Apple iTunes App Store for the word "Paiboon. See our support page to find out how the guarantee works on each platform. What is the return policy? Is there a money-back guarantee? We are constantly improving the dictionary by adding new features and adding more vocabulary.

By purchasing the dictionary now, you will be entitled to download free upgrades on the same platform e. Each platform is sold separately , so upgrades do not apply across platforms. The standard policy of Apple's iTunes App Store is that once you purchase our app, you can install it on more than one iOS device as long as each device uses the same iTunes account.

Apple refuses to tell us the maximum number of devices you can install on, but we have heard from outside experiments that the maximum seems to be 5 devices.

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Your purchase of the iOS product does not entitle you to use the app on other platforms e. Android, Windows. The other platforms are sold separately. See this FAQ item. The standard policy of Apple's iTunes App Store is that once you purchase our app, you can install it on more than one iOS device as long as each device uses the same Apple iTunes account. Simply go to the App Store app on each additional device and follow the same steps you took to find the app during your initial purchase. When your purchase our product on one platform e.

Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows , you get free lifetime upgrades on that platform but you must purchase again if you change platforms. Currently there is no way to transfer a purchase or get a discount for a new purchase across platforms. Try setting it to "Unicode" or "Thai". I think you'll get the best result if you set encoding for "Thai" both when you type and entry and when you view the page.

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I noticed this a while ago - I think I posted a message about it in another thread. I usually click in an "edit" box in this forum web or in "Notepad" before attempting to change the input language. Have you read the topic about the "Microsoft Visual Keyboard". You can get it from here: I use it now in preference to the "on-screen keyboard" that comes with XP as it can be made large and so is much easier to read - especially the Thai fonts on the keys.

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This program was actually written for operating systems other than XP because they did not have an "on-screen keyboard". But the guys who wrote this program obviously learned about some of the failings of the 'on-screen keyboard" and made it better! The only problem I have with Firefox, is the encoding often changes back to Western, when I have set the default to Thai. Any help there would be gratefully received. Strange, they looked like Latin-1 to me. The problem seems to be that your browser thinks it is reasonable to send the text you entered in the encoding of the page, so it sends 8-bit codes.

At the receiving end, the server is probably expecting Latin-1, so that is how they are interpreted. Mishap - your message can then only be read if the Thaivisa page is switched to a Thai encoding. Cutting and pasting to here from other web pages in a Thai encoding also work fine.

Thai keyboard download, free Thai keyboard download.

The same goes for Windows and IE, except I don't have the facility to type in Thai on that Windows system - I have to type the Thai in a special program and then cut and paste. As you type the message into the editing box, it should be stored as bit Unicode codes. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By phantomfiddler Started Monday at By Jonathan Fairfield Started January By webfact Started 7 hours ago. By wendo Started 1 hour ago. By Gecko Started Yesterday at By webfact Started 1 hour ago. By Pilotman Started Sunday at By TiffDerek Started 23 minutes ago. By champers Started January 30, By albertik Started December 11, By webfact Started 5 hours ago. By webfact Started 8 hours ago. By webfact Started 22 hours ago. By webfact Started Tuesday at Thai language. Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted February 13, edited. Windows XP operating system: On Thaivisa, remember to make Thai text 'large' I use size 7 to make it legible.

Click on the flag and select the language of choice. Edited February 13, by RDN. Basically, it proves to be extremely easy to work with this tool, as you only need to press the desired character, and uniKode for Thai automatically inserts it into the window that you are currently writing your text messages. During our testing we have noticed that uniKode for Thai carries out a task quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. To sum things up, uniKode for Thai offers a simple software solution when it comes to helping you write text messages in the Thai language.