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In this post, I briefly review my experiences with the various configurations I have tried and give some recommendations as to what might work better for you. The machine is air-cooled and is louder than I had expected; the noise is high enough to be bothersome if left running all day long in the living room. That said, in winter, it serves as a cool-looking space heater really. After the system is up and running, pretty much all hardware works and the machine feels quite snappy. They are a bit sluggish, particularly when the rendering window is larger than about half of the screen surface, but they may be bearable.

The only problem I have encountered so far is poor support for nVidia cards.

Yes, I mentioned above this machine has a Radeon card, but it came with an nVidia card when I bought it. There obviously is no official binary driver for Linux for this platform, and the Nouveau X. I could have spent time trying to track the problems down, but instead I bought a replacement card — the Radeon that I have now — off eBay which made the system work flawlessly. Unfortunately, Gnome 3 still refuses to work with such a card, but any other graphical environment works fine. Not that I care much about Gnome any longer, but I was hoping to be able to play with it a little bit.

So far, I have not been able to do so on any of the machines I own!

Installing linux on a PowerMac G5

KDE 4 behaves reasonably well, and any simpler environment just flies. On the first hand, writing an ISO image to a USB stick as the installation procedure explains results in an unbootable installer… which is expected given that various configuration files in the image hardcode paths to the CD.

Recording the image to a real CD and booting from it works as intended. Once in the installer, there is no SMU support so the fans of the machine will run like crazy during the whole installation procedure. As far as I have encountered online, this problem should go away once the system is installed, but I have been unable to confirm this. The biggest pain is that the installer does not deal well with the boot process of a Mac.

Jun 3, 1: Obviously there are applications I use that will not run under Tiger, most notably Photoshop So that factor doesn't militate in favor of Leopard at all. I have way too much money invested in irreplaceable and un-upgradeable custom software that runs only in straight Mac OS 9. There's also my Nikon film and negative scanner, etc. For Photoshop It should be a huge improvement over the puny Mac Book, or so I hope. In any event, I have yet to decide whether to run the new Mac Prom when it arrives in the course of the next week, under Lion reluctantly if I'm forced to or under Snow Leopard, which is way more likely.

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At any rate, it will not be under Leopard, which doesn't support Photoshop I don't need any of the features of Leopard at all. You may remember that I have both the intrusive Spot b light and the Dashboard permanently disabled under Tiger, and in the Snow Leopard system I have Time Machine disabled.

Putting a PowerMac G5 to good use - Julio Merino

That is also the case in with my Leopard boot volume, which, as I've just mentioned, have not needed to boot in a very, very long time,. Incidentally, I never said Leopard wasn't quick on my G5 Quad. What I've said, and I'll reaffirm this any time , is that Tiger is definitely snappier, faster and more efficient on the very same machine.

There's not the slightest doubt in my mind about this. I realize that Leopard is required for things like iDisk and the iTunes stores, but I have no interest in any of that myself. Perhaps if you upgraded the video card and memory maybe Leopard then would make you want to go to it and drop Tiger…. You're way out of line.

iMac G5 PPC OS X 10.5 or Linux?

Aug 20, 8: Although it has grown quite long in the tooth now, Power PC processor powermacs are still capable machines depending on what you want to do with them. However, I'd recommend you transition your computer to Linux. Your two best options would be Lubuntu currently at release Runs great. Aug 20, Aug 31, Sep 1, 7: You can submit a post that you want to buy it, if nothing turns up quickly. But in the meantime, you can look for Tiger OS The G5 iMac introduced a new form factor to the all-in-one Mac. Not counting the stand, it was about 2.

By way of comparison to previous iMacs, the 1.

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The memory bus runs at or MHz vs. The 1. Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme were optional. The new models replaced Nvidia graphics with Radeon and MB of dedicated video memory.

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New to the iMac was the Ambient Light Sensor, which adjusts screen brightness to its surroundings. These were the first iMacs to ship with OS X Those of use using Macs were stunned. Now it was poised to follow the PC world. This time there were only two models — a 1.

New features included a built-in iSight webcam a Mac first and MB of system memory on the logic board, allowing for a maximum of 2. Graphics were upgraded to Radeon Pro. The Late iMac is also thinner than the earlier models.