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I want to export to iCloud or to some other type of archive file

While in the folder click Edit from the top menu in Outlook, then Select All from the drop down menu or command and a keys on your keyboard at the same time. Click the Categorize button and the category name to apply to all of the items. For a smaller range of messages you can press the control key on your keyboard while selecting two messages; everything between the two will be highlighted.

To add non-adjacent messages you can press the command key while clicking. If there are contacts, tasks or other account items you want to include in the export, you will have to label these with the category as well. Categorized items will be marked with the color of the category label and are ready for export. Exporting Select File in the upper left of the Outlook, the Export from the drop down menu.

Export Outlook for Mac 2016 to Windows Outlook PST

Choose your Export options: Outlook - check the Outlook for Mac olm data file option, then: If you applied categories to items for export , check the Items that are in the category option and use the drop down menu to select the category. Click the right arrow at the bottom of the window to continue.

Select your desired option in the Delete After Exporting?

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Outlook If you applied categories to items for export , check the Items that are in the category option and use the drop down menu to select the category. Click Continue when ready. Outlook will prompt to choose a location to save the export file; be sure to keep it in a location you will remember. You can also re-name the file using the Save As field. Outlook will begin exporting. It may take a while if a lot of items were selected. An Export Complete message will appear, click Finish or Done to exit. The messages, contacts, etc. But before moving on the explanation, it is important to know that all files should essentially be in the archived state.

Backup and Restore mailboxes using Outlook 2011 for Mac

The best part is that it keeps the mailbox components intact after conversion. Numerous questions arise in your mind when you try to buy a software for example whether the software is compatible, does it have enough usage, and so on…. Well, the software is compatible with all systems running Windows 10, 8 and 7 Operating system.

Transfer messages from Outlook pst files to Mac OS X

In fact, this even supports Windows Vista and XP. No issues with compatibility issue. In case, you do not remember the name of the OLM file. To overcome this issue, Stellar software is equipped with Find option to locate and select the right OLM file.

Export items to an archive file in Outlook for Mac - Office Support

Tree-like format makes data verification easier and faster. View More. Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted.

Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. MENU Close. On Outlook Navigate the File- menu and click on an Export option from the drop-down menu Next, click Outlook for Mac data file and select the options available to filter items. Click and select the folder you want to export from the Outlook Click on the right-arrow button to continue the process Again, click on the right arrow button on the next screen Outlook account prompts you to browse for a location where the file should be saved.

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It may take some time to save, depending on the file size.